I was given my first camera when I was four. It was a very basic camera with a wide angle lens, and I remember my father driving up really close to rhinos and other animals so that I could get good photos of them. Since then, I've had a sucession of cameras. I bought my first digital camera for close-up iridology photos, and am now working mainly with a digital camera, though I still love film.

My photographs have been published in numerous books and magazines, including the National Geographic. My photos are available through my picture agents, Ardea and Photo Researchers, contacts below. For commissioned work, please contact me directly.

I have also worked on several films with my parents, renowned wildlife film-makers Jen and Des Bartlett, including the National Geographic special Survivors of the Skeleton Coast, for which we all won Emmy awards in 1993.

I thoroughly enjoyed photographing wild British medicinal plants for our books including Hedgerow Medicine.


Julie Bruton-Seal
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